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A streamlined continous process to monitor your targets with your
customised events to not miss changes.


What is ProjectDiscovery?

ProjectDiscovery is cloud based Recon-As-A-Service platform to perform continuous automated recon and monitoring of your assets. The assets are searchable and presented in an organized way to maximize the visibility of interesting stuff. Data is exposed through a Query interface for performing complex analysis. API is also provided to access the gathered data.

Is it really free?

Yes, keeping the platform completely free for everyone is one of our main ethics. We plan on keeping it this way. The pricing structure is divided into two plans - community plan for all security researchers and professional plan for researchers who need additional power.

What is community plan?

Community plan includes all the features of the platform. We are uncompromising on features with respect to different plans. Community Edition is meant for individual security researchers working on a limited number of assets however there are some rate-limits in place to tackle abuse. We are from the Infosec Community, and the project started on the ideals of open source. By keeping the platform free for everyone, we are giving back to the community we are from.

What is professional plan?

Professional plan is built for users who need to monitor an excessive number of assets. This is done in order to limit the resources consumed and provide dedicated resources to run the scans instantly.

How ProjectDiscovery sustains with free model?

The project was built from the ground up with cost-efficiency and scaling in mind. It uses a micro-services architecture and optimized data collection and querying mechanism to reduce operational costs. This allows us to run the platform at very low cost and the professional plan is from where will we economically sustain the platform.

When will I get access to the platform?

We aim to open the platform for everyone by early 2020.

I'm concerned about my recon data?

All user data is completely secure and private. In addition to this, all data transmission is encrypted end to end with TLS encryption providing data security and integrity.

How to get Beta access?

Please fill out the from here (link) and we will invite you as soon as we get free slots for new Beta Testers.

I want to contribute/work?

We love Open Source, please checkout our open source github projects if you want to contribute. Let us know if you are interested on twitter @pdiscoveryio or email us at [email protected]

More Questions?

Still looking for an answer? Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will try to reply back as soon as possible.

Read our announcement blog here.

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